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August 31, 2013
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HPA:: Application:: Rosalia by Wiree HPA:: Application:: Rosalia by Wiree

Rosalia Da Pra

Rosa and Ali are the most common. But she'll usually respond to whatever if you call her that enough times.

18 years old

5'6" (5'8" w/ heels)

120 lbs


7th of September

Hair Stylist
(Attracted to the expressive art of hair styling, Rosa could pick up a pair of scissors with as much graze as writing cursive in ink. Unsatisfied with knowing just that though, she began dyeing in tones dark as black holes and as bright as well-shaken glowsticks quicker then most. Rosalia's work, both visual and ethical, is very well known and highly recognized. She has been sought out already by a few celebrities to become their personal hair stylist when she graduates.)

American & Italian

Extra Features:
* One grey barbell piercing in her left ear and sometimes pink hoops
* A small lily tattoo between her right collarbone and right breast (when she's warm/hot you'll likely see it)
* A grey beanie she never takes off besides when she sleeps (it's a very, VERY, special gift)
* Sharpened sliver scissors
* A box containing various colors of hair dye
* One pink curler

N / A

Rosalia is very out-going, hence why she adores people with as much as her more, and optimistic. She's always in the mood to talk even to those that dislike her; she honestly believes that someone can never truly hate someone, there is always something more. Rosa may not be the smartest kid on the block and tends to become confused during certain situations but, she makes up for what she lacks with being somewhat resourceful; people tend to gossip while getting their hair done y'know? She partially never raise's her voice any louder than how she talks normally, and always seeks out information from both sides of the argument. In short, Rosalia is a thoughtful, sweet, spunky, and caring girl.

* Out-going people
* Pizza (Hawaiian mostly)
* Staying up with what's new (basically being constantly informed)
* Making up new hair styles for herself

* Creepy Crawlers (she doesn't mind them roaming around but when they touch her oh man)
* People touching her stuff
* Being shown-up
* Know-it-all's (they tend to ruin the fun)

Additional Info:
* Yes, her hair is dyed. It went from light brown, black, and then added fiery red highlights (current).
* When Rosa feels awkward, which isn't often, she plays the 'I don't know what you mean' act.
* Even though she's Italian, Rosa never actually learned more than a few words regarding the language.
* Remember that beanie? It was from her first (and what she declares to be last) boyfriend. They only lasted about seven months.
* Over-sized shirts FTW!
* How does her outfit represent hair stylist? Sexy yet professional.
(( More to be added later through RP ))

An Italian born in America after Rosalia’s father informed her mother, Viola, their 100 acres of land in Italy wasn’t going to sustain a third child. Defeated by her father, they left.
The family lived a delightfully happy life. Every weekend rain or shine they visited the park two cities over. Fridays were scheduled family nights, and if her parents saved enough by the end of the month, each month they’d visit a national state park. But it sadly didn’t last. After five months of living in America Viola’s personality drastically changed. Weekly allowance turned to once every two weeks to nothing at all after two months. One minor slip of their tongue, or mistake among anything, and she’d snap sending her children to their rooms dinnerless and guilty; yes, even her two older brothers still went through time out. After eight months arriving to America, she suddenly began locking herself in “her” room, quitting her job, and staying inside.

Federico, Rosa’s father, wasn’t quite sure what was happening to his wife but still proceeded to make the best of the situation. Buying each child treats, road trips, continued game nights, anything his children desired.

Then, a year and two months, Viola actually left her room and went out for the evening. It was a blessing, and thankfully on a weekend, so everyone could wait eagerly for their “cured” mother/wife to come home again as she used to. No one expected what truly greeted them at the door. “I want a divorce.” Viola harshly spoke holding a partially filled white document from her right hand. Federico didn’t refuse her request and a month later it was done, and Rosa’s mother disappeared.

Around the time the divorce finalized Rosalia searched, upon request from her growing annoyed of a whining girl family, for ways to distract her from the absence of her mother. She tried everything from painting, cooking, and dancing without luck at all. But when she picked up the pair of newly bought play scissors for the first time, after witnessing and inspired by a girl’s bright pink mohawk on the street, her stress fled away with each cut of her stuff animal’s hair. Rosa worked day, once school was over of course, and night perfecting everything there was known to man about cutting hair. It wasn’t enough. By two months later she not only cut hair astonishingly well, but dyed girl’s hair at school, her families from time to time, and even her own without mistake.

However, soon Federico was unable to maintain work between two jobs in order to provide the payment he and his wife once shared; Rosalia’s brothers were still a year too young. He began reaching out to his beloved family members throughout the world in pled they may have something more workable.

Thankfully Federico’s cousin Alanzo in Japan knew of a cheap, cozy, place to live while working night shift at a well-paying business down the road a bit. It seemed there was no other choice. Packed and ready to be flown down in two weeks they left America behind in hopes of a better life.

Still passionate about becoming the greatest hair stylist to ever walk, a kid can dream y’know, Federico sent Rosalia to a beauty school to outperform her classmates and learn Japanese for the next four years. It only lasted, to Rosa’s delight, that long due to the night a few weeks after her 18th birthday she received an invitation to Hope’s Peak Private Academy. Hesitant, but honored at the fact they sought her out among other hair stylist, she accepted.

It was going to be the time of her life right?

RP Sample:
I prefer RPing via Skype, Notes, or Chatrooms (when I'm on and asked). U vU


Slumping down in her chocolate coated colored lounge chair after another exhausting day dealing with jealous classmates at her beauty school, Rosalia grabbed her smoothly poured cup of jade tea and proceeded once more that week to read through the ever growing pile of, usually, fan-mail. "Ah, another request to be someone's personal hair stylist to add to the list." She smiled softly. "Goodness, I'd hate to be the people I'm going to have to reject when I decide." The girl giggled, thinking how silly their faces would look. Rosa made a mental note to ask for a photo of that when she wrote back. There was three more letters regarding the exact same till she finally came to something odd, something new. "Oh?" Questionably studying the envelope's contents spread on her lap. "An invitation, but I'm a-," She paused in disbelief as her eyes had continued reading down the sheet of delicate paper. Recognition such as this couldn't be refused, and those that would think twice we're fools who weren't truly passionate. "Ah! I must write back my acceptance immediately!" Rosa squealed loudly, hugging the paper to her chest. "Where did my pen roll off to now?!" As she rummaged around for the silly writing utensil her mind wandered on the chance of finally having a challenge, finally living on her own, and most of all, finally getting to show her achievements worthy to those who attended the school.
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Also, if you don't mind me asking, hopefully we can RP sometime? hehe
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